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Have you ever think of the use of technology in education?

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      I was in my fourth year high school level when i was able  to touch a mouse of a computer and its key board, maybe three times were my teacher teach me how to use a Microsoft word and how to save the file and after that it never seconded. I blamed the school where i came from at first when I interred college it is because I was enrolled in a computer subject which is needed for my course what happened then is I'm struggling to the deepest in learning everything about how to use computer and i can still remember that i cursed the one who discover the technology. Those days I'm interring in the computer room i will always praying to the almighty god to help to go through it. I hate it every time we have a drills about typing there i always having a trouble in using the proper finger in specific letter on the key board. 

      the semester become memorable because it is where i' still adjusting about the kind of life I'll be in through in coming years and in our class my teacher and classmates patiently give me guidance in every task we did in class because i was very slow since it was all new to me. but then as the semester end  i deserved a very good grade because of patiently learning the thing my teacher teach in our class and the help of my other classmates were they introduced me into internet cafes where I'm able to practiced and do my assignments since we don't connection at home.

        As an future elementary grade teacher the use of technology in education is very important it is because we know that education is evolving so as the technology they are pattern somehow to each other. It is because it will enhance the opportunities for us teacher teacher to communicate in our students for their education by just using E-mail for giving an assgnment to the students is a wonderful thing about technology since now a days even the baby's have an Email or a Facebook accounts. Chat, mailing lists, and online discussion groups encourage voices and perspectives that may not emerge in the classroom. Plus, the Internet expands opportunities for students and faculty to create a community. Students can use e-mail to send direct questions to the authors of materials they read in class. Faculty can develop and maintain professional relationships with colleagues across the state, the nation, or almost anywhere in the world. 

        Finally, in addition to offering new kinds of learning experiences, the Internet and World Wide Web offer access to post secondary educational opportunities for new types of students and new kinds of institutional clientele.

           For the use of technology inside and outside of the classroom you may click this and start reading this blog I've read too :) enjoy reading hihihi :))

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