Lunes, Setyembre 9, 2013

2nd time together :)

He's brother to me and I'm sister to him ;)

A true friend is the one who accept your past, support your present and encourages your future.

         Isn't cool when you knew someone that cares for you, He was my crush since high school were classmates first year until fourth year named Muamar R. Said we been through a lot of issues conflicts but still we understand each other.

            Sometimes i ask my self what's in him that i can't understand because he is having this aura to me that i can't read what's in his mind, its weird when he will just smirk on you and you can't heard anything on him. you can't say when he is sad, uncomfortable and happy in short its hard to know his true emotions  it was like a mystery.  And maybe that's what i liked about him.

September 08, 2013
What happen that day !

He called me Saturday night and told me that he is in Cagayan he want to visit to me or check on me, so what happen is i told him to yeah maybe tomorrow we could meet for him to answer my assignment in statistic since he is a statistic student in MSU Marawi and i knew he is brilliant when it becomes in math. He texted me to bring my notes and a calculator so he can able to answer my assignment hihihi how generous he is right! 

We meet around 3pm in the afternoon on the Sunday at the front of National book store in Cogon  since it was the only place i think that he can go far with haha as we see each other i ask him what's his plan but he don't answer instead he give this the
the t-shirt hihi
i was so happy and thankful he said "I'll give it to you nah bka makalimotan ko pah" so then i accept it and thank him for it :) hihi so that's it actually it should be on lunch but i think he had something and it was also raining :) We went to Ayala at McDonald after the conversation in the front of national so that he can answer my assignment. we spend about two hours in answering my assignments its about one sample test and two sample its a four questions. We don't talk much about things i was just able to question I'm about the Intrams  they had last august 28 to Sept.2 and he said it was good. 

First picture together :)

Board mate (star): oiiiiiiii ate mush bagay kayu tlga promise. (staring at the image in the camera)
Me: hahaha really woooah thanks but hindi kme bagay ei Tao kme haha LOL!

our picture together  was captured by the crew haha (nag pa kapal moks ang lola neyo mamalihog)it was when he is about to finish answering hehe :)  then  i took the picture below while he was busy answering haha ...

Busy lang?

After answered my assignments we went to boarding house because we talk while answering that we'll probably try to go Wall/rock climbing at macasandig together with ate jade so that's it he wait for me at the ground to change my lower outfit then we went. The picture below is when he was climbing the first level.

I totally had fun that day with him even it was just about six hours being with him, I really treasure it since i miss him that much :)

See you sooner hihihi Thank you much.

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