Lunes, Setyembre 9, 2013

Reflection :)

“Intellectual activities are more important than entertainment activities”

                 I do believe that not almost but every human are pleasure seeker, as a student in this young age I tend to do what made my day happy and sometimes making my self be entertain to forget some reality problems. As a student I have so many responsibilities to do in every day like to pray five times a day, attend class, do home school work, cook for my meals etc. but never I end up a day without a smile on .
               We human have many activities/things that we practice day by day so that we can live a life to the way God wanted us to live. As a student I do believe that developing some aspects like emotionally, spiritually, social, environmental, intellectual, and entertainment.
            Emotional activity usually in a day is it is when we value things that go bless us with, say to our loved ones that we love them, forgive those people who hurt us. In spiritual 
as a student we need to pray
 and communicate with the almighty god etc.

 Social or Entertainment activities it is where we human tend to collaborate with friends, share our ideas and communicate with them to build a strong relationship, we make friends with others and watch movie, shopping and spent time to the beach with them. while in our environment activity we tend to indulged our self in activities that concern for the safety and conserving our dear natural resources,  regarding Intellectual activity it is where we go  to school attend class and very essential for us because it is the very first responsibility that we ought to do, We need to be educate.

                All the activities that I stated above are all important in our life that we need to practice or experience them day by day to develop us holistically.
             Some of us also only focus on the intellectual aspect. 

We label those people who are really into this aspect as the nerdy ones. They are the ones who don’t or less mingle with people because they are more interested to the educational matters like reading books, playing the rubrics cube, and many other activities. Aside from that, one very evident example of an intellectual activity is that we go to school. We go to school to study the things that are very much needed in our life. There’s a need to grasp every lesson because as we grow old, we will be able to apply them. Some also are into social/entertainment it is because it hooks their interpersonal skills or capabilities. There are also people that focus more on their spiritual activities they are blessed by god to educate others about the teaching of the almighty god.
As a student and future teacher I agree that intellectual activities are more important than the entertainment activities. It is because intellectual activities are more relevant than the entertainment ones since the intellectual ones help me to build my future. My future job is to educate and help other to build their future but for me to do this I need to focus on my intellectual activity by going to school, study, research, read and experiments things for me to have the knowledge, skill and mannered that will made me unique. Those who practice intellectual activity are more blessed than those who do not.
Being skilled, knowledge and mannered will make my future fortune because it will help me to go, push and hit the road in my best shots. It will help me to sustain a good life in the future because I could have a good job which is teaching. 

Therefore I conclude that there’s always a time for everything. Enjoy life but settle your priorities or name it so that you won’t forget it because time is running and you can’t go back to the wasted time. You need to know the very reason of everything in life because in the present will seriously depends/ matter in the future.

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