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Why do we smile?

 You can see it in the eyes, Not in smile :XD

"My Dutchenne/fake Smile"
             Yesterday i captured my self three times and the result is the pictures above, And with these pictures it made me ask my self the question why do i smile on camera? ,why people smile to other and why do i smile back when someone smile at me?. For now maybe you also ask the same question.

            As i have read there is only two possible smile that we human possess it is the Dutchenne smile and the Fake smile, and for these i do believe that the picture above of mine is the combination of a fake and real smile it captured the truth and lies in way that i tried very hard to be look happy through smiling on my lips but still it reveals the very real in me through my eyes. The other fact about my picture is that i want to expose and  image of mine  that every one may look into.

            To quote from Violletes "if the smile is not in the eyes, the smile in the lips means nothing" with this I then realize that being real is admiring than to be looking happy, so now lets be real don't try so hard to be look happy on pictures lets smile naturally and let our very soul be captured.

Lets go back to the question why do we smile to other?

         The very reason is we want to communicate with them, We want to create a connection to them because our smiles is the powerful gesture that we human possess.

there are 9 Reason for us to smile and why we need to smile:
1. Smiling makes us more attractive – People who smile seem more attractive than those who don’t smile. 
2. Smiling exudes positivity – When we see someone unhappy and depressed, sometimes words are not enough to soothe them. A smile often helps a lot to improve their outlook and their feeling that things will get better.
3. Smiling is infectious – Try smiling at people, and you will see them smiling back at you. There is a certain magic that fills the air when someone smiles at you. It somehow changes the mood of others around us.
4. Smiling reduces stress – Our emotions usually show on our faces, and when we are stressed or worried we often frown. Smiling helps uplift our spirits and allows us to look at the world in a positive way.
5. A smile can brighten another person’s day – Just like in my story above, smiling will often help brighten another person’s day. Just like words are a verbal gesture, a smile is a silent gesture that shows another person that we care.
6. Smiling can lift up our faces and make us look younger – As I mentioned in number four above, stress often shows on our faces. When we frown, there is a high probability that we will develop wrinkles and small lines on our faces that make us look older.
7. Smiling is a natural drug – Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin in our bodies which are known to help us feel good naturally.
8. Smiling denotes forgiveness and openness to forgive – When we have a spat with someone, or when we are not on good terms with someone, it is difficult to smile. A smile is gesture that signals to others that we are open to forgive and/or ask for forgiveness.
9. Smiling allows us to appear self-confident – People who smile usually have good reasons for doing so. They are more approachable and easy to deal with. People are drawn to them naturally.

 To quote a song from Annie (the musical)..."you're never fully dressed without a smile"

Quick last fact: Women smile more than Men, here is why

Here is something interesting. Researcher LaFrance concluded that overall women smile a lot more than men. This comes not just from the fact that they might be happier, but also, that socially, it is more acceptable for women to smile, she says. And it doesn’t stop there:

“In general women are more accurate than men in detecting what is really going on with someone by looking at their face and listening to their voice. Women are more likely to tell the difference between a felt and a fake smile.


                                 "SEIZED YOUR DAY BY FLASHING A REAL SMILE"

Share your reasons why you smile today by posting your comment box below Thanks ;)

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