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The very first fictional story i wrote :D


           I knew my self as a good looking man, some had called me handsome. But despite of physical advantage that I am blessed with, I have nothing to attract a charming jeweler and make her forget the past.
           Its early morning mist, I watched her walked inside her jewelry shop. She’s wearing faded jeans with white blouse folded up to her forearms, I desperately wanted to see her closely, and I’m burning in desire to touch her rosy cheeks. I missed her so much. But I knew that my change of romance with her couldn’t help, it’s impossible, hopeless.
           I closed the window of my car and leaned peacefully where I’m seating.

           “It was two years ago, and I knew it is the day where all woman in the world dream about. It was our wedding day. Everything is settled. The ceremony started when she walked in the aisle towards me. Our family, relatives and important friends were there. They were smiling and I saw their happy face looking at my future wife. I felt nervous and started to ask if I’m really ready for the marriage which was about to start. Looking at my future wife, nervousness had slowly seized me. I couldn't even help my self from sweating, my hands is cold. The priest spoke “Peter Parker do you take Yumie as your wife, for richer or poorer and in sickness and in health everyone waited for my answer, there was deafening silence. I couldn't.  It seemed like I was petrified and words wont come out to my mouth. Seconds after, the priest repeated his question. This time, I have decided. I haven’t thought of anything, of the consequences, of other people judgment. “Come what may” I spoke to myself. Yumie’s eyes gazed at me confusedly. The priest seemed to be impatient now. I heard the people at my back murmuring. And so I did the biggest mistake of being a man. I ran without looking back. I reached the church entrance and went running until I couldn't see even a glimpse of them.”

              I turned to the closed window of my car where I could see the jewelry shop of Yumie and I wished that she will gave me another chance tomorrow. I sigh; I revive the engine of my car and drove back home.

Next day!
              It’s her birthday today and I already talked to Leah, her assistant about my planned this evening.
            Everything is in the right place, the entire shop is scattered with petals, and the jewelries are pinned to their places. The red carpet in the entrance is extended up to the table, where there’s a three cute shaped heart candles which is enough to light the entire table.
           I had Leah at 7’o’clock in the evening to call Yumie and tell to her that she was in the jewelry shop and she needed help.
            I’m wearing a black suit, that I know helped my skin to be lighten, I stand up next to the table, I pray hard and begged to almighty god, that Yumie will give me a chance.  One chance to prove her how much I love her that I regret every single day of the day since I left her at the church without looking back. I knew I gave her so much pain to her heart, but tonight I’m totally motivated to have her back again, I don't want to regret in my whole life, I’ll beg for her.
          I saw her walking to the entrance with the help of the light outside. I felt nervous as I heard her voice and called Leah. She could see the candles on the table. The next thing I heard is her steps coming forward to me. She stopped as the light in the center turned on. I had Leah to turn it on.
         I saw Yumie near enough for me to see how her emotions affect her when she saw me. I can’t really identify specifically what kind of emotion she’s having right now.
         She’s wearing a purple cocktail dress that made her more gorgeous as ever, I walked the distance between us, while our eyes locked to each other, I hugged her and whisper to her that I badly, madly, truly, deeply and desperately missed her so much. Seconds when she doesn’t even hug me back, she walked to the table and sipped the wine from the glass. I followed her and tell her “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” I offer her a seat and I’m so thankful that she accepts it. She smirked at me and sits.

          I don’t know if it’s a sign of loss or a chance to prove to her myself again. I also sit on my chair. And handed her the bouquet of mixed white and red roses, she accepted the bouquet and say thank you. I started my words. “First of all, I’m sorry. I was not there, when you needed me most. You don’t know how I wanted to hug you and wipe your tears away when your parents had a plane crashed that made them leave you alone. I’m sorry but please I swear to god I won’t leave you anymore please forgive me. I regretted every single seconds I breathe because I’m not with you." Yumie just stared at me with mixed emotions drawn to her face and eyes. She did not answer me. I walked to her chair and kneel down to her and grabbed her hands and kissed them. I cleared my throat and spoke again; I get the ring to my pocket and asked her, "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Seconds after she don’t answer me again but command me to stand up instead. “I won’t stand up her not until you’ll say yes to me” I said. My eyes started to watered I felt no hope but no I won’t lose hope I’ll beg for her. "Please Yumie owner of this Jewelry shop, the beautiful gem of my eyes say yes and agreed to marry me in all the church in the world.” I stated again.

        “You fool” she said. Her eyes also watered with tears and I wipe them immediately still kneeling. “Just say yes” I said “For heaven sake shut up Peter and get up” she help helped me to stand up and hugged me and whisper “ Yes I will marry You Peter Parker” I hugged her tightly and made my self satisfied. I missed her so much, and if I die tonight I won’t bring any regret to my grave.

The End :)                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Mushiimoo17th<3

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