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Eid' Mubarak 2013

HAPPY Eid Mubarak to all Muslim around the universe :)

May ALLAH blessed us :)

What is Eid Mubarak?

       My board mates ask me the question above and there i ask my self did i really know the correct answers of this question? i'm kinda not in a mood to explain what i know about Eid mubarak and why Eid mubarak must be celebrate. So what i did is i just answer them that we will thank ALLAH for everything XD.

Will here i'am now I will answer the question as far as i can through what i have learned and what Mr.Google can help.

 First: lets now know the meaning of the Eid Mubarak.
             Eid Mubarak means "Have a blissful festival." It is a greeting among Muslim about to congratulate each other in finishing the Holy month which is the Ramadan.

Second: Why we celebrate it?

Just click the URL below.

(it will only took you about 4 to 5minutes.please read...Don't be lazy if you really wanna know!  )

Third: things a Muslim must do before the Holy Eid.
        First she/he must give her FITRA. Fitra means "charity" every Muslim should give a fitra to the poor or to the elderly.
                        WHAT I DID IN THE DAY OF Eid' Mubarak 2013 :D

August 08, 2013

            I woke up prior to my alarm clock because of the call of my landlady, She called me through mobule to wake me up for she know that i need to praper food for the day fasting. I was unhappy today because i celebrated Eid'alone. what i mean alone is without my family. i have two exam that day :)

I even posted some to do list for that day in my Fb :D

For today:

9:30am to 10:30 (make my two insights in Educ 26.1 while reviewing some of the topics)
10:30 to 11: 30 ( Should make/answer my fs 4 fortfolio 2 and 3)
11:30 t0 12:15 ( must at bhouse already to pray)
12: 15 to 2:30 (attend the urgent metting of oroville home owners)
2:30 to 3:00 (must comeback in bhouse again to pray)
3:15 to 4:30 (study for my educ 26.1 exam and educ 25.1)
4:50 to 5:50 ( must in xu to attend exam)
6pm (exam in educ 25.1)

 — feeling determined.

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